Group Coaching / Speaking Engagements

Group Retreat~Seminars:

These are held often at the LaRose Wellness Retreat as well as at the Ripley Falls Home. They can be held at any location where a group wants a venue.

*All available and tailored to the venue and group at hand.  Cost is based on the venue and what is included as well as the number of participants.  Please contact me to develop group Retreat~Seminar or to attend a currently planed Retreat~Seminar.

Business Coaching opportunities:

Speaking Engagements

Group Coaching Seminars

Available for Business Retreats and Strategizing Sessions

*All available and tailored to specific business needs.  Cost is based on number of participants and development time and materials. Please contact me if your business is desiring a seminar, speaking, retreat or strategizing session.

Magnificent Mondays:

Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at the Ripley Falls Home from 7:00-9:00 PM.  Come as you are, a time and space to just be.  Art exploration, opportunities for light outings or fun games and exercise.  Corners to read, reflect and journal.  Space to converse over a cup of tea.

Contributions from the heart are accepted to sustain this practice.

Coming Soon…Mindful Meanderings…


Here is a list of potential topics business or other groups:

Team Building and Respect

How would it feel to be appreciated more for what you CAN and DO contribute to your work place? This seminar will focus on what strengths and assets are brought to the table by each team member in your work environment. It will be interactive as well as informative. Materials will be made available to take back to your “desk” to continue the process of team building in small increments during your day to day work environment.


What “Type” Are You?

There are several assessments which can be utilized to better understand yourself and your co-workers. This seminar will highlight two of these: introversion vs. extroversion and if you are a visual, kinetic or audio learner. By understanding yourself and your team better, you can utilize these skill sets to better work with each other for further team building. Materials will be shared enhance understanding of these concepts and to integrate them into your work environment in effective ways.


Wheel of Life Balance: (How centered do you feel in your life?)

How do you establish balance especially in our current reality with access to each other being instantaneous and persistent? Where are the boundaries that are healthy both for our self and those we interact with and care about in our lives? How do we achieve work/life balance that feeds both our work life and our personal selves? Balance is illusive and always changing however this seminar will focus on hands on and practical ways to achieve it more easily.


Windshield Workshop: (Bringing your dreams/visions to life)

A car analogy is a useful one to use in regard to our work lives: Your Windshield is your vision board (or where you are heading) in your work life. If you could describe why you come to work in one sentence what would that sentence be? Does this sentence have any drive in it? Are you heading where you want to be heading at work? Creating a personal vision for where you are heading and then seeing if it matches with the company goals is vital in working as a team. We will explore these ideas and send you back to your workspace to further develop this concept as you hone in on what inspires you at work and where you want to steer your career in order to align with your company’s overarching vision.


Watch that Speedometer!

Are your emotions out of control? Observing your emotional speed.

How do we regain more perspective and balance in our emotional selves? Our emotions are like a boomerang—when you release them, they come right back to you. Your morning thoughts affect how you feel all day. The good wishes you send out to the world come back to you as good deeds. And negative thoughts manifest in a bad mood or moment. So, logically, if you want to change your emotional experience, you’ll need to change what you’re sending out to the Universe. In reality, you have management over what you are thinking and feeling. Just like the speedometer in your vehicle, when you press on the gas, you speed up; when you press the brakes, you slow down. The same goes with your emotions. You can go zooming from happy to sad in mere minutes. The challenge is to learn when to be proactive, how to become less reactive, when to take a break and how to balance the range of feelings. Your Speedometer helps you gauge what you are thinking and feeling. Once you start feeling it in your body, you set those thoughts in motion. It’s important to know that by managing your Speedometer, you’re managing what you attract in the future.


Self Confidence — Rising Above the Inner Critic

Discover your own journey to claim your unique voice. We all have strengths and purpose. We are all a part of the larger picture. Our contributions will be missed if we do not participate fully and give life our all. If you are holding yourself back for any reason, life and those whom you love most are missing out. Inefficiently leaking your life force out by swallowing your voice or your own truth, or diminishing your light is not a sustainable way to live.

We all started whole, this is our chance to return to wholeness. Self esteem is just our inner thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. Uncover the you underneath all of the layers of life.

*Other seminar topics available upon request. It helps for me to know what topic is “burning” for you.

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Keynote speaking and other speaking engagements: Inquire about fees (based on number of attendants, time required to develop and travel cost considerations).

Contact: Cynthia Drake, Owner and Creator of Openings Life Coaching Services


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