From Clients:

“In 2011 I experienced a world of challenges and thanks to my life coach (Cynthia Drake), I got to surf those waves instead of drowning under them! Through her guidance and support, I learned more about myself than I ever expected, and pushed myself in ways I never knew I could. I came out on the other side of my new adventures feeling stronger, smarter, and happier, and I can easily see that I have Cynthia to thank for so much of that. She is an amazing coach — she is inspiring without being intimidating, firm but in a gentle way, and she knows how to lift people up.

Sometimes when we are going through difficult times, or when we have gotten used to a rut we know we don’t like, it helps to have another person shake us up and help us see things in new ways. Cynthia was a gift to me and I know that others could benefit greatly from her insights and encouragement to make the necessary changes to live the kind of life they desire (and I learned that sometimes this just means getting out of our own way!). She is professional, kind, and very willing to work with unusual schedules. I always looked forward to my sessions with her because I always felt better about myself and my life, and I was more confident about going forward in new ways.

There is a saying about how a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. Cynthia shines so brightly, and I feel blessed to have benefited from her light as I know so many other people have, and so many more — if they are lucky enough to know her and/or work with her — will, too!” Shalini Suryanarayana, Director of Smart Grid Program (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Department) & Director of Special Projects (Dean’s Office in the College of Engineering), Syracuse University; Board of Directors and Volunteer in PAWS of Central New York (pet therapy organization), client


“It’s been so wonderful working with you on this journey…

If I were to describe life coaching to my friends, I’d say that it’s a journey to find yourself. To tell the truth, I expected something like a life manual at first, but you helped me realize that answers are only within myself, not anywhere else. And it’s not easy. It’s often hard to listen to my inner voice. But you offer me various means to do that and that’s the best part of life coaching, I think.” —SK (Japan), client


“I fell upon eMerge so to speak and was compelled to work with a coach to get the most out of the program. Not only did Cynthia excel my personal growth using this program, she went above and beyond my expectations of what I thought I would get out of it. —MP, client



Cynthia is a “Value Added” coach, bringing many extras to the work – such as her knowledge of Nine Star Ki and Chinese Face Reading. That’s on top of the rich set of inherent qualities she has that can help others gain self-understanding and empowerment. She is an exceptional listener, very insightful, and has literally gone the extra mile – and then some- to give me the support I sought from coaching. And it’s so much fun to work with her!” —KA, client


“Cynthia and I have been meeting for about 8 months to work on roadblocks and detachment from negative images of the past. I liked the approach that Cynthia used: I tell her my story and then she would write it down with many details but without any emotional content, just facts, so I can read it later and reflect on it. If an event has caused a lot of negative feelings in the past, it is difficult to detach from that. I found that this method helps to detach from sad moments and look at them as facts and then develop new attitude reducing and removing the negative emotions. I also liked that we both were flexible with time and place and I very much liked our sessions on trails near the lake.

I feel that those negative images of the past have considerably reduced. I also like that I have my stories written by Cynthia and I can read them any moment if I want to go back.

Working with Cynthia was easy because she is sensitive to feelings of others. So far I see life coaching as a means that help on the way of “re-writing” one’s negative life story. Probably, there is something else in the life coaching, but for me the sadness of some life moments was a major burden to move forward. I will recommend Cynthia to my friends who would need to work with their roadblocks.” —Elizaveta Egorova, PhD Student MTU, client



“I began calling myself a ‘Life Coach and Business Coach’ in 1989. I have been an ICF Master Certified Coach since 1999. I have trained and mentored coaches for the past 12 years.

As much as it has been incredible experiences seeing the field of professional Life Coaches expand world-wide, it is not too often that I can wholeheartedly give my endorsement to an individual that I would go to for coaching and/or strongly refer others to for professional coaching.

Whenever I evaluate another professional coach I look at two areas. 1. Do they have years of professional training as a coach? 2. Is their own life a strong story of personal/ spiritual/ professional development and change that has led to a rich expression of authenticity and wisdom?

Cynthia Drake is one of the Life Coaches I know and have worked with that upholds the highest standard of being a professional Life Coach. Not only does she have years of quality training to support her clients in attaining their desired goals but more importantly she has walked-the-walk of her own personal and professional transformation.

In the field of Life Coaches, Cynthia Drake is an outstanding Authentic Life Coach who has the quality of training and depth of personal experience to skillfully support her clients in their own life journey of development and transformation.

I believe the ground work is important to do for oneself, but a coach such as Cynthia will expand the possibilities for transformation in personal growth.” Eileen Hannegan, Master Certified Coach www.InternationalMasterCoaches.com


“Cynthia has the heart of Angel and the soul of a Saint.” —Debbie Makkonen, M.S., LPC, LMFT


* Permission was sought and given for these endorsements and how the endorser wished to be represented here.