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Earth Day, Sunday, April 22nd


Do you wish you could just press the “pause button” on life?

If you are here, you are here because we share some common thread. That thread might be that you, too, are ready to take your life back as your own. Something just is not working and you have to change it. Maybe you’ve hit the wall with stress. Maybe you’ve taken a step back and realized you are not leading a pro-active existence but rather a re-active existence. Maybe the joy has been sucked out of your life. Maybe it is something obvious—a relationship is failing or you have lost your job or the joy for it. Or maybe you feel something internal just itching to come forward and manifest.

What will it take for you to respond to these “callings” or “signs”? You can wait for a health crisis, or a spiritual awakening or a mental crash. Or you can take the wheel of your life into your hands right now and steer yourself on a path YOU direct. Sometimes the opening starts with an inkling and sometimes with a huge rift. Whatever it is, I am here to explore it with you.

Transition to Transformation

• Are you overwhelmed?
• Do you feel stuck in your current work situation or relationship?
• Are you sick of dieting to lose weight?
• Are you constantly trying to escape through T.V., internet, binge eating?
• Are you always just “waiting for the weekend”?
• Does it feel like there is “never enough time”?
• Do you know things are “not working right” but you just don’t know how to “fix” them?
• Do you constantly feel exhausted?
• Do you feel like you are just “skimming the surface of life”?
• Are you experiencing a huge loss in your life?

Walk in the woods

Wondering which direction to turn? Let me walk with you. —Cynthia, Openings Life Coaching

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a great post about Openings Life Coaching. I am looking forward to read some more of your information from your blog, keep blogging and thanks again.

  2. Dear Louise,

    Thank you for this note. I appreciate your words of support. If there is ever anything you need in Transition Coaching or group coaching for a workplace or other organization you are a part of, please let me know.


    -Cynthia Drake, Openings Life Coaching

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